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Neuroscience / hormonal Influences and Receptors

  • The emotional Motor System and the Brain Basis of Emotions in Singing / Keynote
  • The Singer’s Cough – neurosensory Background and Solution / Keynote
  • Psychosomatic Medicine in Voice Treatment / Workshop
  • Neurological Diseases Impairing laryngeal Function / Keynote
  • Singing through Menopause and Hormon Replacement Therapie / Keynote

Speakers: Orietta Calcinoni (I), Boris Kleber (D), John Rubin (GB), Barbara Kirchner (A), Bodo Kirchner (A), Katherine Goeldner (USA)

Innovation in Laryngology and Voice Care

  • Ten top Tips in Laryngology and Voice Care / Keynote
  • Rehabilitation of the Injured Singing Voice / Workshop
  • Vocal Fold Tissue Engeneering / new injection Material in Vocalfold – Augmentation / Opening
  • The Aging Voice and the Therapie of the Presbylaryngis / Keynote
  • Decision Making in Treatment for Voice Professional / Conservative Therapy vs. Surgery / Panel
  • User Manual of Laryngology in the daily Office / Workshop
  • Indirect Phonosurgery/ History and Future / Benfit and Limitation / Keynote / Panel
  • How We Do It: Using Principles and new Devices of the Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract in Voice Therapy / Panel
  • Indirect Phonosurgery (Laryngeal Training Mannequin) / Hands On
  • Functional transnasal Endoscopy of the Esophagus in Silent Refl ux and Dysphagia / Hands On

Speakers: Eugenia Chavez (MEX), Ilter Denizoglu (TR), Jackie L.  Gartner-Schmidt (USA), Markus Hess (D), Yakubu Karagama (GB), Seong Keun Kwon (KR), Florian Michel (D), Joseph Schlömicher-Thier (A), James P. Thomas (USA), Gerrit Wohlt (D), Reinaldo Yarzakis (BRA), Franco Fussi (I), Čukic Ognjen (SRB)

Refl ux: Diagnostics, Treatment and dietary Advices

  • The most effective dietary Advices to avoid long term PPIs in Silent Reflux / Keynote / Panel
  • Controversy in Globus and Silent Refl ux Symptomes – the driving Factors behind it / Panel
  • How to treat the sensoneurinal Overkill in the Throat /
    Inhalation – Lozenges and Warmup Exercises in Voice Treatment / Panel
  • The Singer’s Cough – neurosensory Background and Solution / Keynote

Speakers: Joseph Schlömicher-Thier (A), James P. Thomas (USA), Craig Zalvan (USA), Orietta Calcinoni (I), Markus Hess (D), Yakubu Karagama (GB), Florian Michel (D)

Freeing the oscillating Body

  • The Pelvic Floor: the hidden Structure in the Singing Pedagogy / Keynote / Workshop
  • The Rule of Manual Medizin and Osteopathie in Vocal Rehabilitation / Panel
  • Respiratory Retraining and Laryngeal Control Therapy / Keynote
  • Infl uence of room Acoustics on Voice Quality / Keynote
  • How to catch the accoustic Phenomenon and to create a Voicelab for the daily Office / Panel
  • Belcanto meets Pop and Rock / Masterclass
  • Natural Sound Tuning – from Overtone to Jew’s harp and Yodeling / Workshop
  • The Benefit of Voice Range Measurement in the daily Office / Workshop
  • Integrative Voice Therapy and Qigong / Workshop

Speakers: Valentina Carlile (I), Orietta Calcinoni (I), Philippe Dejonckere (B), Mario Diaz (A), Robin Dietz (D), Franco Fussi (I), Evamarie Haupt (A), Anna-Maria Hefele (A), Martin Fuchsberger (A), Malte Kob (D), Rudolf Lackner (A), Jacob Lieberman (UK), Bernhard Richter (D), Claudia Spahn (D), Matthias Weikert (D)

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