August 19th -21st 2022


The International Voice Symposium Salzburg is postponed to August 19–21, 2022

 Dear Voice Community!

The Covid virus has had a massive impact on day to day activities across the globe. Salzburg was not spared either. Many events were therefore canceled. For us, the health and safety of all speakers, participants and helpers is our top priority. We have to follow the recommendations and instructions of the responsible authorities in this regard and we will inform you promptly about further developments.

I have just learned that the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games has decided, due to the corona virus impact on the Globe  to postpone the Olympic Games to 2021. I send my sincerest apologies to all of you, the Salzburg voice symposium cannot take place in August 2020.

In this case we decided for an alternative date  August 19 to 21, 2022 with the Title:

1992 – 2022, 30th Anniversary of Voice Care on Stage of the Salzburg Festival

The decision for that date in 2022 is necessary, because the Pan-European Voice Conference (PEVOC) will take place in August 2021 and we will not compete that event.

Therefore I am delighted to announce again the International Salzburg Voice Symposium Salzburg 2022, and I will invide you to come and celebrate with me that event.  I am very thankful to be in charge for the Occupational Voice Medicine Care of the Salzburg Festival since the year 1992.

We like to offer a basis for discussion and learning – one from another – about the special circumstances and situations on stage and the mystery of voice. We will make you fit for the challenge, when you have to deal with the injured voice for elite performer and semiprofessionals in classical – pop-singing and acting setting in emergency situations.

We would very much like to continue your participation in 2022, if this is possible for you.

Enjoy the wonderful Salzburg Festival 2022.

Our team will host you at the 30th Anniversary of Voice Care on Stage of  the Salzburg Festival in August 2022.

Joseph Schlömicher-Thier, MD
Head of Occupational Medicine Care Departement of the Salzburg Festival



Honorary Board:
Helga Rabl-Stadler, Cecilia Bartoli, Markus Hinterhäuser, Thomas Hampson

Dr. Wilfried Haslauer, Governor of Federal State .Harald Preuner, Mayor City of Salzburg

Honorary President:
Andrew Blitzer

Symposium President:
Bernhard Richter

Scientific Coordination and Course Director:
Markus Hess

Occupational Medicine Care of the Salzburg Festival & Organization:
Joseph Schlömicher-Thier

Symposium Venue and Accommodation:
Hotel Heffterhof Salzburg • offi •

Symposium Office / Registration:
Rita Habermann, Verena Roider : • Fax: +43/6216/4030-20,
Adress: Salzburgerstrasse 7 • A5202, Neumarkt, Austria

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