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International Voice Symposium Salzburg
21th 23th, 2020


Honorary Board:
Helga Rabl-Stadler, Cecilia Bartoli,
Markus Hinterhäuser, Thomas Hampson

Dr. Wilfried Haslauer, Governor of Federal State Salzburg
Harald Preuner, Mayor, City of Salzburg

Honorary President: Andrew Blitzer

Symposium President: Bernhard Richter

Scientific Coordination and Course Director: Markus Hess

Secretary: Rita Habermann

Preliminary Faculty

Jean Abitbol (F), Stephen Austin (USA), Kourtney Austin (USA), Britta Balandat (CH), Günter Bernatzky (A), Andrew Blitzer (USA), Jörg Edgar Bohlender (CH), Meike Brockmann-Bauser (CH), Orietta Calcinoni (I), Valentina Carile (I), Jenny Cho (USA), Philippe Dejonckere (B), Ilter Denizoglu (TR), Mario Diaz (A), Arno Fischbacher (A), Franco Fussi (I), Ingolf Franke (D), Katharine Goeldner (USA), Evemarie Haupt (A), Markus Hess (D), Krzysztof Izdebski (USA), Anthony Jahn (USA), Bodo Kirchner (A), Barbara Kirchner (A), Boris Kleber (D), Uta Kutter (D), Rudolf Lackner (A), Jakob Lieberman (GB), Claudia Manfredi (I), Tanya Meyer (USA), Florian Michel (D), Dirk Mürbe (D), Kathrin Neumann (DE), Hubert Noe (A), Ekaterina Osipenko (RU), Julia Rechenmacher-Strauß (A), Bernhard Richter (D), Josef Schlömicher-Thier (A), Berit Schneider-Stickler (A), Reinhard Schmid (A), Claudia Spahn (D), Nicole Stuhrmann (D), James P. Thomas (USA), Hannes Tropper (A), Allan Vurma (EE), Craig H. Zalvan (USA)

Dear Voice Community!

I am delighted to announce the International Salzburg Voice Symposium 2020, which will take place under the umbrella of the 100th Anniversary Salzburg Festival Jubilee. It is planned as an interdisciplinary approach for voice doctors, therapists and coaches – the illumination of the subject from many different angles – will ensure an insightful and interesting scientific symposium. We like to offer a basis for discussion and learning – one from another – about the special circumstances and situations on stage and the mystery of voice. We will make you fit for the challenge, when you have to deal with the injured voice for elite performer and semiprofessionals in classical – pop-singing and acting setting in emergency situations. Our team will host you at the 25th Anniversary of the International Voice Symposium 2020, held once again in the Festival City of Salzburg.

Joseph Schlömicher-Thier
Occupational Medicine Care of the Salzburg Festival, Organization

>> Download schedule <<


  • The Mystery of Oscillation: Feedback – Technique in Artistic Voice Pedagogy
  • Manual Therapy and Laryngeal RELEASING maneuver
  • Voice Masterclass for Doctors
  • Top Tips in Emergency Voice Care on Stage
  • The Multidisciplinary Voice Clinic
  • New concepts in basic physiology of phonation and their relevance for artistic voice
  • Phonosurgery 2020
  • Mental Training, Meditation and Qigong in Vocal Training
  • Diagnostic Tools of Reflux and The Rules of Dietary Advice
  • Coping with Musical Performance Anxiety and Stress
  • The Role of the Vocal Coach in the Setting of the Performances
  • The psychosomatic Background and interventional Strategies in Voice Coaching and Therapy
  • The specific aspects and problems of actors and actresses voices
  • The Female Voice and the Infl uence of Hormone
  • SOVT: Healing with Waves
  • Myth and Reality of Warming up and Voice Rest – Rehearsal Strategies
  • How to avoid Side Effects? Counseling and Emergency Pharmacological Therapies before the Performance
  • Utility of speaking voice analysis and therapy for singers
  • Voice is an Unfinished Symphony
  • Coaching and Treatment of the injured Voice for Elite Performer and Semi-professionals in Classical – Pop-singing and Acting setting
  • The Century of Neurolaryngology in the Light of Neuroscience

Abstracts – free Papers – Posters

Deadline for abstracts: April 30, 2020
Info & abstracts: voicesymposium@sbg.at

>> Upload abstracts online <<

Social Events

  • AVI – Welcome – Voice Beer Party: Friday, 21.8.2020, 19.30 p.m. – 30,- Euro
  • AVI Gala: Saturday, 22.8.2020, 19.30 p.m. – 70,- Euro (Students 30,- Euro)

Info / Registration

www.voicesymposium.com (online available from November 2019)
e-Mail: voicesymposium@sbg.at, Fax: 0043/6216/4030-20
AVI & IVCA: Salzburger Straße 7, A-5202 Neumarkt / Austria

>> Register Online <<

Symposium Venue and Accommodation

Hotel Heffterhof Salzburg • office@heffterhof.atwww.heffterhof.at

FEE (includes CME)

  • Physicians: Early bird fee 580,- Euro (Standard fee, after 30th of May 2020: 640 ,- Euro)
  • Speech-Language Pathologists/Logopäden, Voice Teacher: Early bird fee 420,- Euro (Standard fee,after 30th of May 2020: 490,- Euro)
  • Student fee ° Early bird fee:260,- (Standard fee after 30th of May 2020: 300,- Euro)

° Please provide valid documentation when registering online

Cancellation Policy

By registering as a meeting attendee, I agree and adhere to all policies and regulations. I guarantee payment in full due to the amount indicated on the registration form. If for any reason, the meeting must be canceled, management is not liable for any costs other than attendee registration fees that are already pre-paid. If the date or location must be changed for any reasons beyond management’s control, it is agreed that pre-paid registration fees are non-refundable as a date or location change will be provided.
Should I decide to cancel this agreement and withdraw my registration, the refund/cancellation policy is as follows for registered attendees:

Cancellation 30+ days prior to meeting – 75% refund
Cancellation 29-15 days prior to meeting – 50% refund
Cancellation 14-11 days prior to meeting – 25% refund
Cancellation 10 days or less before meeting – NO REFUND

Bank transfer to account no. 

Austrian Voice Institute,Volksbank Salzburg, Filiale  Strasswalchen
IBAN: AT33 4501 03111 0930000 ,  BIC: VBOEATWWSAL

AVI & IVCA Organizing Team / Impressum

Markus Bulin, Evelyn Holzschuh, Arno Fischbacher, Rudolf Lackner, Günther Bernatzky, Bodo Kirchner, Barbara Kirchner, Codula Hüsers, Joseph Schlömicher-Thier, Reinhard Schmid, Nicole Stuhrmann, Hannes Tropper, Susanne Vorauer Riedl, Matthias Weikert